Will Sartori


Aliases: Wilbur. Crazy Karl 
Hobbies: Travel, Train, Golf, Adventure.
Countries visited: 20 - Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Andorra, Spain, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, New Zealand, China, Greece, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Philippines.
Favourite Countries: Spain, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic.
Languages: English.
Favorite Travel Experience: Sailing through Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia with a bunch of legends. Party, sun and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.
Worst Travel Experience: Whilst island hopping in Greece, i unwittingly booked a ferry that resembled a pre-war fishing vessel. What should normally have been a 2 1/2 hour ride turned into something like 10. As parts of the boat literally fell apart under our feet, you barely had time to be frightened, as you were literally rocked to unfathomable sickness. The night before probably didn’t help either.


CrossFit  L2 Trainer
Cert lll, lV in Fitness
 CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
 CrossFit Strongman Certification
 Outlaw Training Camp Participant
 Donny Shankle Australian Tour Participant
Senior L2 First Aid

As soon as he finished school, Wilbur started traveling like a man possessed. Making the well stomped out route over the the UK with a couple of mates in 2006, then backpacking his way through Europe for 6 months, partying and meeting awesome people from all over the world. 

Wilbur has spent more time living overseas since then, than living in Australia. Scotland was home for, while, Barcelona too. Even a few months as a bartender in a cocktail bar on the beach in Santorini. Lazing all day in the Agean and being encouraged to party all night while your ‘working’ isn’t exactly real life though. 

When Wilbur got back, Doc was the man that got him into the Crossfit world, since then they’ve shared countless PR’s and coached the crew  together at Crossfit Rosebud. Doc’s inspiration for combining Crossfit with travel took little selling and Wilbur immediately wanted to be a part of it, looking forward to being part of the AdventureFit family and meeting a whole new bunch of awesome people!

Insta: @willysart @crossfitrosebud