Nomadic New Zealand Day 1 Blog

So, it has begun! AdventureFit Travel has landed and we have landed in New Zealand.


After a morning of running around, back and forth with bus pick ups, taxi trips, airport transfers, check ins, we were finally all together. The fellowship had arrived to set out on their epic journey. Just like Frodo, Sam and the gang we had assembled a ragtag group of travellers from all over Middle Earth or in our case Australia. We had a bunch from Melbourne, a lad from Sydney and gaggle of chicks from CrossFit Pakenham. But we were basically a large group of perfect strangers or ‘Facebook friends’ you could say and there was definitely a bit of a feeling out process. No better way to get to know one another than throwing down a WOD to get the friendship juices flowing.


So off to the bus we went. Wilbur had taken the rains as bus driver and was doing a superb job earlier in the day. Driving us round in circles, lap after lap after lap of Auckland. We had a GPS but it certainly wasn’t working. What a great way to see the city.  After our near death experience stopped at a set of lights on a 60 degree hill earlier in the day I was happy that the trip to CFNZ had gone much smoother. We had a timeline to follow and a WOD to be had.


Once we arrived we were greeted with open arms but the legendary Darren Ellis, owner and operator of New Zealand’s first ever CrossFit box, CF New Zealand. Darren set us up in a room of our own where went on to program for ourselves and throwdown our partner WOD to get to know each other. It went something like this;

Back Squat 5x5

15 Min AMRAP

-       5 Power Cleans

-       10 Pull ups

-       15 Dynamic Lunges

*One partner complete a whole exercise before changing over.

So off we went. Organized chaos would be the correct term to use I’d say. Bars and bodies flying and swinging everywhere while we rushed around to knock out as many reps as we can for our firtst little AMRAP. Things got a little saucy on the pull ups because the bar was so close to the wall. Kipping pulls up became short little spasmy, pull up looking things, but we made do (CFNZ is one of the best facilities you will see, we asked to hit a WOD on our own so we used a smaller warm up space rather than the main facility).


And then it was done. Team Doc and Leonie, team Chris and Al, Trent and Hank (Damo), Elise and Tommy and Wilbur, Becc and Lynda had all officially thrown it down. It was time to go and thank our gracious hosts, pack up shop and get back down to Queen St for some well earned gainz.


Dinner was a bit of a fly by the seat of our pants affair with everyone agreeing upon one thing. The first dinner had to be one to remember. And it was. Meat sweats and all, it was one to remember. We headed down to the waterfront to a beautiful restaurant called Wildfire Churrascaria, a Brazilian BBQ. There is one key rule with a Brazilian BBQ. You eat, you eat meat and you eat more meat. Lamb, salmon, pork, beef, calamari, you name it we had it. Especially for AdventureFitter Alan, who made sure he filled his belly more than most. It was a truly gargantuan effort. Desert was spearheaded by our Irish mascot of the trip and CrossFit Westgate owner Damo or as we like to know him Hank Scorpio. I think I speak for everyone when I say I have never seen a grown man so excited for desert, or life for that matter actually.

So bellies packed to the brim, we decided we’d better take a quick gander around Auckland for take in a bit of the city together, it was our first night after all. Tongues were beginning to loosen at Danny Doolen’s, the local Irish pub. And for a Monday night there was actually quite a bit going on. So we grabbed a booth and begin to chew each others ears off. Knowing that we had an epic day lined up with 2 time Olympian and Commonwealth gold medalist Richie Patterson was ghe only thing stopping this one from going long but after a few drinks and a few laughs an executive decision was made and the plug was pulled.

We had a big day lined up. And bigger fish to fry. Tomorrow we snatch!




Day 1 Through The Eyes Of Irish AdventureFitter Damo Hennigan


So it all started with a story bout a sheep that Lynda’s dad happen to shoot with a bow and arrow, weird hey. And that was a start to the many stories that everyone would tell on the first day, some true some false, but who cares they were funny as fuck.


The Lads picked me up from the airport in the banger bus but it got the job done, we got to the hotel and met the rest of the crew. What an awesome bunch of dickheads and their legend status was about to hit epicness.

We went WOD in a local gym,Crossfit New Zealand, we destroyed ourselves, typical also.

But we'd we managed to work up a serious appetite, so after the wod we shit, shaved and shampooed and hit Auckland town.

We started with some Brazilian bbq, it was a serious first feed too, and everyone got to know each other.

The beer and wine was flowing strong by now and you could tell that everyone was up for a bit of devilment, so once we finished our bbq we made shapes across the road to the Irish pub “Danny Doolan”, sick joint.


You can always rely on the Irish pub for the craic. We drank, danced, told stories and laughed our asses off.       

All in all the ice was truly broken after the first night, and I knew I was in for some serious banter with this crowd of lunatics.

And they did not disappoint.


Bill, otherwise known as ‘Doc’ is the founding father of AdventureFit Travel. An avid traveller/backpacker Doc spends more time with a backpack on his back than your average primary school student. Across his travels Doc encountered many adventures. From swimming with sharks, patting lions, riding elephants and running with bulls. He has visited 5 continents on his quest for adventure and plans to visit more with his AdventureFit family.

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