ADVF Goes Thailand - Mac's Wrap

Since its inception in 2014, AdventureFit Travel has been hosting hundreds of people from all over the world on adventure-packed fitness holidays, although this Koh Tao, Thailand trip was a first for the company.

Upon the private request of some crazy AdventureFitters from Emerald in outback Australia, ADVF was heading to Thailand to put on another world-class holiday featuring some special guests, such as world weightlifting champion Dmitry Klokov, and a couple of other keen AdventureFitters from the USA.


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The itinerary was jam packed with activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, abseiling, Muay Thai, working out, and of course, a 6-hour weightlifting workshop with the Russian champion - oh and how could we forget the unbeatable local Thai food!

For the two Americans, Kristina and Jesse, they were very quickly welcomed into the tribe as we all battled it out in the hot and humid conditions at CrossFit Koh Tao on night one, after a day of travel to the island.


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How does the saying go again? Those who workout together ….. Oh, I'm not sure, but you get the point that we were sweaty and broke the ice very quickly.

As tradition tells us, the first night’s welcome dinner is always on ADVF. So naturally the guests took advantage of this and we hit up one of the best restaurants on the island, Fizz Beachlounge.


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Day two started with all eyes on Dmitry Klokov. With lots of muscle, skin, sweat and testosterone. No one stood a chance, walking away from the day without a man-crush.

Many of the clients warmed up ready to impress the champion with how much they could lift, although Dmtry didn't want a bar of it. Weights were quickly stacked back and only barbells remained for the rest of the day.

Wow! Who would have thought that an empty barbell could hurt so much!


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The importance of static holds were understandable when everyone's weakness was exposed of how little static training we did, and also how we could be utilising our legs much more effectively, making us immediately stronger.


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"Smash the bone" and "use your quads!" were repeated all day by Dmitry. We started to wonder if that was the only English he knew?
All in all, this was a very valuable day on the itinerary for all participants, and most put this day as their #1 experience for the trip.

To keep the body moving and to train off the soreness from the workshop with Dmitry, we started day three with a boot camp style workout on the beach.

This was beautiful! The tide was out and the sun was rising on the horizon. It was a workout consisting of body weight exercises, a sand run, and a swim - a perfect start to the day.


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After breakfast we headed up the hill for rock climbing and abseiling with a spectacular view of the island from the epic Fraggle Rock.


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It was here that some tears were shed and some adversity was overcome as a few of the crew were scared of heights and had never done or wanted to throw themselves off a rock backwards, or even make the climb.

Just like a family unit, everyone supported each other to overcome their fears and all had a very successful day and could tick another item off their bucket list.


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Once their feet were safely back on land, were were then taken to the water for a booze cruise.
As you can imagine, drinking and water shouldn't be used in the same sentence too often, although this was an exception! When in Rome, right? Or should it be Thailand?

If anyone knows what happened past this point, we would love for you to fill in the gaps here as many of us had too much fun! ;)


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Day four started very slow for all. This was a "free day" where we could all have options for what activities we wanted to do. After all it's our holiday, right?
Some opted to attend a Thai cooking class where we cooked 4 beautiful traditional Thai meals. Others opted for massages, the beach, the pool, shopping, and of course, more food!

We tied day four off with a group yoga session, the perfect way to wind down our rest day.


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Day five was spent back in the water. Being an island and one of the best places in the world to scuba dive, we headed out into the coral reef that surrounds the island of Koh Tao.

For most this was another first experience. And what better way to try your first dive than here.

The view underwater in the crystal clear environment was breathtaking. Lucky we had oxygen strapped to our backs!
For those who have never tried scuba diving, it's a very thrilling experience. We were taken through and had to demonstrate the safety procedures of losing your mouthpiece, how to clear your goggles, and how to equalise. We dove down to 12m where we were immersed in schools of bright coloured fish and reef.


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It didn't end on day five though.

After diving, we were put through our paces at Island Muay Thai. Again, a first for many. Again, another sweat session. Again, heaps of fun!

So much respect goes to MMA fighters for their level of fitness and mental toughness.



On average we did 3 x 3 min sparring rounds and wow! We had never sweat so much or worked so hard! Elbows, kicks, punches, breathing, jumping and technique work took it right out of us! We of course then indulged in some amazing food at another top restaurant on the island, Barracuda.

Day six was the last activity day, which started off with a hike up the hill and around to the other side of the island where we proved science right by abiding to the laws of gravity and throwing ourselves off a 12m cliff into the ocean below.

The highlight here was, again, the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) that we had to break through to experience the rush of the free fall.

Not everyone challenged the 12m fall. There were also 3m and 9m drops that also tested the mind!

In the water after a big hike, we kept moving, although this time snorkelling on the surface of the water, breathtakingly crystal clear and full of marine wildlife.


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Now just like we opened the trip, we closed the trip with another workout at CrossFit Koh Tao, enjoying another partner workout and really cementing in the comradeship and family unit that we had on this trip.

Reflecting in the pool after it's all done and dusted, here in Koh Tao, we really squeezed every last bit of sweat out of this island.

AdventureFit is very lucky to play host to bucket list adventures and holidays, but it's you guys who make the dream come true.

We are honestly so proud of the personal achievements that have been accomplished over the last week, and if there is anyone who is looking to run any trips like this with any destination in the world, we would love to play host.

We love tailoring the trip around your ideas to make it incredibly easy and affordable, where you just rock up and we do the rest.

A huge thank you to the 11 legends who made this trip happen.

Thanks for the laughs and some seriously good times!

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