4 Ways To Keep A Workout In Valdosta

Traveling does not mean that you have to take a break from your daily exercise routine. In fact, traveling to a new destination can refresh your mundane routine and make it even more exciting. These are some of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your Valdosta travels.


Hit the Valdosta Trails

Sticking to an exercise routine away from home is easier when you have nice weather and beautiful scenery. Valdosta, Georgia, is home to many beautiful outdoor sights that make it a great destination for hiking, biking, or walking. The Four Freedoms Trail is conveniently located off of the freeway and runs for 12.3 miles across the Florida-Georgia state line. In addition to fresh air and exercise options, the Four Freedoms Trail is also great for skating, fishing, and horseback riding.




The Ike Anderson Bike Trail is another great option for outdoor enthusiasts. This 1.5-mile bike trail extends through Monticello and takes you through historical railroad destinations of the past. Additionally, there is minimal motor traffic to the area — making it a peaceful and safe biking spot.


Mountain Biking

Valdosta is a great destination for adventurous mountain biking. Just a few of the local trails that are sure to meet both your entertainment and exercise needs include the Alapaha Trail and the Langdale Park Trail System. The Alapaha Trail was designed by biking enthusiasts and is elevated at 157 feet with views of fully grown pine trees overlooking the river below.




The Langdale Park Trail System is often considered one of the best bike routes in South Georgia by the locals. The trail spans over eight miles and sits at an elevation of 68 feet. There are technical and mild routes available, making it a great biking destination for both beginners and advanced bikers.


Take a Drop-In Gym Class

Many health clubs today are set up so that you don't have to purchase a membership to work out. A lot of the centers offer drop-in class rates which are a great way to meet your workout needs when traveling away from home. You also get the opportunity to work out with new people and to try out new exercise classes that might not be available in your area.


Utilize the Hotel Fitness Center

Choosing the right Valdosta hotel with Hotel Planner can also make it easier to meet your exercise needs when staying away from home. Finding a hotel that is within walking distance of the best local trails and fitness centers will motivate you to complete your daily workout. Also, selecting hotel accommodations with an on-site fitness center can make it easier to fit exercise into your busy travel schedule. Hotels with on-site pools can also provide you with an entertaining way to fit in your daily exercise.

Frequent travel can make it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Being away from home, however, does not mean that you have to put your exercise goals on hold. These tips will help you incorporate exercise into your next travel plans.



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