5 Best Running Trails In Duluth, Georgia

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you should give up your exercise routine. If you're a runner, finding the best places to exercise is key to your travel plans. These are the five best running trails in and around Duluth.


Suwanee Creek Park

One of a few greenways in Duluth, Suwanee Creek Park is a popular area for running, biking, disc golf, and other outdoor activities. The park encompasses 85 acres and includes a portion of the Suwanee Creek Trail. Start your run at the trail end by Buford Highway, run to the end of the trail at the edge of the park, and loop back around to complete your run.




George Pierce Park

George Pierce Park is a considerably larger greenway spanning 304 acres. It has a double gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts and soccer fields, and several options for a good run. Warm up on the indoor walking track, and then head outside for one of three trails. The park has a 2.6-mile paved trail and a 1.2-mile non-paved trail. The Ivy Creek Greenway trailhead also starts in George Pierce Park.


Suwanee Creek Greenway

This route connects Suwanee Creek Park and George Pierce Park. Head to either location for your starting point, and run the 4.9-mile mixed concrete and asphalt trail to enjoy a challenging run through two of Duluth's gorgeous natural areas. Walkers, inline skaters, bikers, and fishers also use this trail throughout the day.




This is one of the lengthier trails in the city, and since it's a straight path rather than a loop, you may get caught in bad weather away from your ride if you don't time your run correctly. Luckily, this neighborhood has some of the best hotels in Duluth, including many accommodations that have their own fitness centers. Book a room in this area, and run right from your room to one of the two trail endpoints when the weather is pleasant or stick indoors and hit the treadmills when it's too rainy or cold outside.


Ivy Creek Greenway

The Ivy Creek Greenway is a 1.25-mile paved trail that starts in George Pierce Park. The scenic route includes a 400-foot boardwalk over some wetlands. The trail has a mix of asphalt and gravel and is also popular for cyclists and dog walkers.




Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Medlock Bridge

A run across Medlock Bridge and over the Chattahoochee River — billed as an “ancient river in a modern city” — will be the highlight of your exercise in Duluth. You can find paid parking in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, where you'll meet plenty of other people visiting the area for watersports, birding, hiking, and biking. Go for a jog down one of the hiking trails, and make your way back to the main road to run back and across the Medlock Bridge.




Traveling while sticking to an exercise schedule is no problem in a town like Duluth. Whether you're visiting for work or play, schedule some time to stretch your legs and go for a run down one of these trails.



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