Bill, otherwise known as ‘Doc’ is the founding father of AdventureFit Travel. An avid traveller/backpacker Doc spends more time with a backpack on his back than your average primary school student. Across his travels Doc encountered many adventures. From swimming with sharks, patting lions, riding elephants and running with bulls. He has visited 5 continents on his quest for adventure and plans to visit more with his AdventureFit family.

Not only is Doc passionate about lust for adventure but he is also an avid fitness enthusiast. Working in the CrossFit industry has shown him... Read more.





ANZAC Kokoda Track - Doc's Wrap





So, here we were. Landed in the (not so) far away land of Papua New Guinea, in the infamous city of Port Moresby, we nervously pack our gear with our new best friends and lifelines in our Papua New Guinean boys. The banter level is relatively low. New scenery, new people, a few familiar faces but the realisation of what we were about to take part in was looming large over everyones psyche. No matter what we did we couldn't escape the fact we were about to chalenge ourselves in a way not many people have done before. Fortunately for us we were able to take part in this challenge of our own accord, rather than some of the unfortunate men that went before us.

For those who aren't aware, the Kokoda Track is a 96km strecth of land that runs across Papua New Guinea's Owen Stanley Range all the way from the capital of Port Moresby to the small village of Kokoda. The signifigance of such a track is that there was a very important WW2 battle waged through this steep, muddy, wet thouroughfare between Allied, primarily Australian and Japanese military troops in 1942. The Japanese who had invaded, very successfully for the most part, many other destinations in the Pacific, had planned to take Port Moresby to provide them with what would be a perfect springboard for a base to launch a military invasion of mainland Austraia. Many lives were lost in this epic battle between the two forces as I will discuss in some more detail later in this blog. Now, the Kokoda Track itself serves as right of passage for Australian's, New Zealander's and others to pay homage to what our troops went through in order to keep Australia and our population safe.




And we were just such a group ready to take it on. Doc, Roysy, Coro, Rakey, Em, Mac & Perri. We made a good team. Add to the fold our amazing local team, headed by Clement (Clemmo) and my porter Ivan we were in good hands. Ivan himself had crossed the track "70 or something times mate", "yes mate, 70 plus" but Clemmo had him well covered crossing the track on triple digit occasions. Add to that, the personal porters the rest of the guys had and our food porters and chefs and we had a 19 person strong squad.

So after packing our bags, getting ourself briefed and getting in what was looked at as the final supper down at the amazing Port Moresby Yacht Club we were awoken much too early for all of our likings to jump in the bus and head down to Owen's Corner to begin our trek. There are two different ways you can attack the Kokoda Track. One is to start from Owen's Corner and head towards Kokoda and the other is to start at Kokoda and head back. We were startinfg from Owen's Corner.

So here we were at Owen's Corner, overlooking the amazingly lush, forests of the area and taking some last minute photographs and we were away. "How many hours today Clemmo" somebody asked as we set off......"Today is a nice one mate, an easy one, yes mate, today is 5 hours"......An easy one you say Clemmo? 5hrs is an easy one.

As we took off and began to walk we were fashioned walking sticks by the boys, straight from the jungle to assist in the walking as it's an absolute nightmare walking the muddy hills of the area without assissatance. So now the game was on. Who would be first? We were all placing bets on who would be the first to go and sure enough, it took no more than 5 mintes and the first of us, Emily was down. "White hawk down, white hawk down" yelled Gary, Corey's porter. And then another went down. "White hawk down, white hawk down". And then another. It felt as if no one could string more than three or four steps together without down and then, THUD. Another. But this time it was not 'white hawk down', it was Gary, Corey's legendary porter who had taken a spill. Everyone was in shock. Everyone was thinking 'well if these guys have walked this thing hundreds of times and they can't even hold their feet then what hope are we'. 

And then someone said it. "BLACK HAWK DOWN, BLACK HAWK DOWN"! The crowds burst into raucious fit of laughter. And we were mates. It was the perfect ice breaker.

So after a long slog up and down some serious inclines we got to camp at Ua'Ule Creek. Muddy, sweaty, tired and hungry we arrived at camp. As the gang helped show us around we were lead down to the local watering hole where we could wash our clothes and ourselves in some of the most refreshing water known to man. One of the highlights of the whole trip was the fact that we got to finish every single day with a swim in a local river like this. It was one of lifes simple pleasures. It makes you realise that nature is perfect in every way and the bullshit we have built around it is sometimes quite sad to think of what we are losing. Anyhow, an amazing first day of hiking was in the books.






Day two started off slow....I guess we weren't really used to pushing our bodies to the extreme like we did on day one so getting out of our nice warm sleeping bags was always going to a little bit of a struggle. A quick brush of the teeth, some porridge mixed with cereal from our ration packs and we were off on the road again. Another short day today to really give us a false sense of what we were in for got us in by a decent hour and to Ofi Creek for the night. Ofi Creek was a beautiful little village along the track where the children played and the adult came to sell their local foods and drinks to weary travellers. Ofi Creek was another highlight for it was the first night we began to get into our campfire stories with Clemmo. A historian of the track Clemmo was able to regale us in the stories of the heroes and brave soldiers that fought in what a lot of war historians call the 'worst conditions man has faced in the field of battle'. This became a regular staple of our nights from this day forward.






And the trek went on. We pushed through our first big day on day threee with aplomb. Things even seemed to be going pretty smoothly, that was unil we reached 'the wall'......

Aptly named, the wall was a long strecth of near straight up hill climbing for hours on end. It was one of those times where you thought you eyes were failing you. At so many point throughout this day it was almost like you could see the top only to reach what you thought was the top to look up and see a brand new wall staring you right in the face. But step after step we climbed. And we climbed some more. It's times like these where we gain another instinct. A feeling without speaking kind of skill where you are talking to your mates, spurring them on, getting them through it as they are to you. But all without words. There is an energy in the air that is palpable. An energy that cannot be summed up succinctly without someone being there with you. Working hard and battling through things together is known to bring us closer. And that's what today was for us. We were under no illusions that we were doing this in a much easier and nicer fashion than the military troops that did it before us. So we knew it they could do it carrying their own bags, malnurished, exhausted and under attack then we could do it too. And just like those who went before us we were going to do it as a team.




This is the kinda stuff you dream of. 

Once the wall was past us we were able to rest and enjoy each others company once more knowing that we had just worked through one of the most gruelling days on the track. And whatever came up against over the coming days we were going to be ready for it.

And then the rains came. We'd been getting wet for a good period each day so far but it started to become blatently obvious that we were in it up to our necks on this partilcuar day, but the best thing about it was. Nobody cared. There was not a poncho or a jacket in sight. Here we were, a team of mates, working hard together, sweating it out through the mud, with rain pelting down on us and we couldn't be happier. The levels of banter were probably reaching an all time high in fact. The level of adventure had been raised and so had the spirits. And so we reached Brigade Hill and kicked on to our home for the night.




The next day was filled with another new adventure entirely. Mud. Just when you thought you'd seen it all we are blessed with a strecth of the track that seemed never ending whilke trudging through the shin deep mud. But again. It was an epic adventure. Add to that the waist high water we battled in the river crossings this day and we were really starting to get through the track.






A few more days passed by on the track and although they were amazing they were also semi-uneventful. It was just consistent beautry of nature and great chats with great friends day after day. The biggest highlights you might say may have been the micro-marketplace that had been established each night when we would sit and swap out way through our ration packs. Emily would die for a LeSnak while I would give my left leg for a jelly cup. Mac seems to love to hoard the chicken in a can and everyone had their own little favourites. It was more like a game of Monoploy that a simple barter session with all involved trying to be Scrooge McDuck and find themselves owner of a monopology on Mayfair and Park Lane. Or in this case the tuna with biscuits and barbeque chips (or crisps if that's what you know them as).




As the days passed it was amazing what we learnt from Clemmo and the gang about the history of the battles that were fought along the track. They were the grandest type of horror for both parties to endure and no battle was more famous than the Battle Of Isurava. Many Australian's and Japanese troups were killed during this 5 day battle and once we reached Isurava we could tell we swere standing on a place of much signifigance. To hear the stories day after day after day of what went on during this battle really affects you. You begin to understand how lucky you are.




But we were beginning to realise we were coming to the end of our trip and although we were beat up mentally and physically we weren't wanting the trip to end. Loved ones aside who really wants to go back to Facebook, Instagram, billboard, phonecalls, emails and all the other bullshit that we fill our lives with. The simple life is truly where it is at. Good challenges, good conversation and good people is all we had and all you need.



The last evening was something special. Unfortunately for the rest of the group the incident that is for sure one of the highlights of my life was only shared by myself and Matt. But I will share it anwyay. 

So as we came to camp on the last night of the trek we arrived in the dark. In fact we had to switch out headlamps on as we were walking in the dark for much of the last part of the day. As we arrived, headlamps on, absolutely exhausted to our final nights resting place we could hear something? It sounds very angelic but also very far away. As we walked through the dark camp we realised we were listening to a choir. The church choir was singing in candlelight in the middle of the village. We stood in amazement while we listened to the local children sing their songs under the starlit night. When they finished we all started cheering and they all started giggling. But it didn't ene there. Once the singing was over the rest of the crew walked off our huts while Matt and I stood around chatting and taking pictures. A few minutes later we turned around and we saw a sea of 100 or so children walking towards us. The village pastor then approached Matt & I and asked if the kids could come down after dinner and sing to us, to which we both accepted of course. But what happened next was the killer. As we were about to leave Matt & I put our hands in the air for a HI-5 from a few of the kids and then what happened was insane. The kids all starting giggling and stirring and pushing through each other to get to our hands to HI-5 us. The energy was insane. Everyone started laughing, then everyone started screaming and then I started dancing, so everyone started dancing! It was one of those 'had to be there moments' but a moment Matt & that we will never ever forget.

So then it was our final day. A few hours left of chats, a swim in one final stream, a couple of hours of pretty flat, pretty stright walking and we were done. We'd reached Kokoda. We congratulated ourselves, thanked the amazing boys who we couldn't have done it without and then we headed to Clemmo's mums place to enjoy a few well earned beers. What an adventure.




The next days were filled with much relaxing and capped off by a trip to the Bomana War Cememtary for the dawn service on ANZAC day. An amazing way to cap the trip and another highlight we will never forget.

So this is my wrap. Thanks if you made it all the way through and hopefully you reading this has the chance to share in this epic adventure at some point of your life too.

Cheers, Doc.




We have another Kokdoa adventure coming up in 2018. If you want informnation please fill in the box below.


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The Great AdventureFit Raffle - Ann's Story

This year we are bringing back The Great AdventureFit Raffle. And it's bigger and better than ever. 200 tickets priced at $50 each for a chance to win a ticket on any of AdventureFit Travel's 2015 tours which at this stage include Everest, The CrossFit Games and NYC, Japan and most likely a return to New Zealand. 2nd and 3rd prizes will win $500 gift packs and $250 gift packs from TheBrave, The WOD Life and Ironedge respectively.

Throughout the early stages of AdventureFits existence we have been trying to raise funds and awareness for beyondblue through our raffles and other events. This year we will be raising money again but to a more personal cause. This year we are raising money for the Truscott family of Rye, Victoria. The Truscott's are fighting to prolong their time with their loving mother Ann who is fight a stage 4 battle with cancer. The connection between AdventureFit Travel and Ann is through Doc and Wilbur who have been friends of the Truscott family since they were quite young. With Ann being as close to a second mother as Doc has ever had. Please take a second to read through Ann's story below and what she is going through.


Ann was first diagnosed in 2000 at the age of 42 with early stage breast cancer. Soon after being diagnosed came surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After 5 years on hormonals/tamoxifen, Ann followed the rules, she did it by the book, she lived life.

Ten years later in 2010 Ann felt extreme pain in her legs which soon revealed extensive bone metastases. Her whole skeleton from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes, with bone marrow involved. 

Ann now has stage 4 terminal cancer. Chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer is not curative, it is palliative. Iit is for keeping the cancer under control for as long as possible.

The first type of chemotherapy Ann was put on worked for 2+ years and then slowly started to fail. The next year, another type of chemotherapy and it is still keeping the cancer to the bones. This year was the first sign that it was on the move and yet another type of chemotherapy is failing, with a brain tumour discovered in March, which is then treated with stereotactic radio surgery. In April, another small tumour is discovered in the jaw/salivary gland. At this point Ann started a new chemotherapy, Zeloda, and the tumour shrank. 7 months later (October ’14) there is signs that the current chemotherapy is failing. Ann's jaw/salivary gland tumour is growing again and a second small brain tumour is discovered.

Ann and her family’s finances have been completely drained from fighting this disease and throughout this whole process Ann has worked 4 days a week to which she now also has no super-annuation left. Her husband, Tony, retired at the end of 2013 due to also being diagnosed with prostate cancer. So for this year Ann has been putting food on the table as well as taking on this dreaded disease.

The reason this story is being told is because the chemotherapy drug Ann needs is made by American pharmaceutical company Roche and is not covered by the public health system in Australia. For Ann, Roche has kindly agreed to reduce its $93,000 price tag to $15,000 on compassionate grounds. Thanks to the help of Ann's amazing friend April Creed, the funding for the first round of chemotherapy was raised by a 'gofundme' account through various friends, family and anonymous donations.

AdventureFit through The Great AdventureFit Raffle are looking raise money towards the second round of chemotherapy for Ann for early next year. So buy a ticket, tell a friend, share this on Facebook. Do whatever it is you have to do to help us raise these funds for someone who is loved by everybody around.

To my friends and family that is not a request that is an order. Doc.



Help Us Build AdventureFit Radio!

The AdventureFit team are releasing a podcast and we need your help to get things off the ground guys.

Check out our Kickstarter account here to buy some clothes or adverts to help our campaign;

Who are we? 

The AdventureFit Radio team consists of three at the moment. DocMac and Tommy. We will profile each member below so you can get to know us a little better.

Bill Kerr AKA Doc - Co-Host

Doc making his best man's speech at his best mates wedding last year.
Doc making his best man's speech at his best mates wedding last year.

Doc is the founder and director of AdventureFit Travel, the parent company of AdventureFit Radio. When not in start up mode putting in soul crushing hours on AdventureFit, Doc trains as a weightlifter who also enjoys travelling extensively and loves being put out of his comfort zone.

Macca Rundle AKA Mac - Co-Host

Mac with a baby. Haha.
Mac with a baby. Haha.

Mac is the owner of CrossFit affiliate CrossFit Diamond Valley. Mac is an avid traveller who loves expanding his horizons and reaching new cultures. Although fitness is his business and somewhat his passion, his biggest passion is travel and seeing all this world has to offer.

Tom Ahern AKA T-Bone, Bones - Special Comments

Bones at the Grand Canyon.
Bones at the Grand Canyon.

Old friend to Doc, youthfully exuberant yet social awkward Tommy is the third member of AdventureFit Radio. Tommy will be around to aid the guys in the running of shows and also will run many of the segments in the show. Tommy has a passion for training, travel and exploring the counter culture sides of society. 

Doc and Mac

Doc and Mac got to know each other well on a recent trip hosted by AdventureFit Travel to Everest Base Camp. Doc ran the trip while Mac was a participant (see Mac's video of the trip above) but it didn't take long for both to realise they were pretty similarly aligned with their thoughts on fitness, travel, life and all of what's important. Fast forward 6 months and Mac is now AdventureFit Travel staff and the two are set to co-host AdventureFit Radio.

Doc, Mac and the gang on their way to Everest Base Camp.
Doc, Mac and the gang on their way to Everest Base Camp.

What are we? 

AdventureFit Radio will be a twice weekly podcast that will focus on exploring fitness, adventure and life, aiming to launch it's first episode Jan 30, 2016. We plan to have weekly interviews with leaders and interesting figures in the fields of fitness, adventure, travel and anything else that we think would interest our listeners. 

We want to know their routines, their beliefs, their strategies and most importantly who they are as people. Along with our weekly interview podcast we will also release one shorter episode each week that will be used to educate from the fields we are experts in. They may range from Doc and Mac sitting down to discuss their favourite adventure destinations to their weekly recovery routines. These will be shorter episodes. 

We look at ourselves as a lighthearted but inquisitive podcast exploring fitness, adventure and life.

Where we came from? 

The idea for the podcast came from Doc's love of podcasts. From The Tim Ferriss Show andJoe Rogan Experience to The Fighter & The KidStar Talk and everything in between. Through AdventureFit Travel we have access to some relatively high level guests and that's when the idea to sit down and get to know these figures really was something that we thought could be amazing.

Mac didn't need any convincing and was pumped to get on board and take this idea and run with it.

We plan to co-ordinate and manage the workflow podcast through an online workspace called Trello to co-ordinate our correspondence with guests, to-do's etc etc..

The shared workspace of AdventureFit Radio.
The shared workspace of AdventureFit Radio.

We plan also plan to hire a VA (virtual assistant) from abroad to facilitate the production on the back end of the audio and video (yes, we are going video as well) as well as help in building the brand of AdventureFit Radio.

As you may notice from the Trello board photo above we have reached out to many very high level athletes such as Usain BoltTony Hawk and Dmitry Klokov, and also adventurers such as Bear Grylls and Felix Baumgartner but we are also excited about hearing from some of the smartest people on the planet ie. physicist Michio Kaku and Bill Stone who's plan is to mine the moon.

Help us bring you the best of the best from sport.
Help us bring you the best of the best from sport.
Help us bring you the best of the best from adventure.
Help us bring you the best of the best from adventure.
Help us bring you the best of the best from leading thinkers.
Help us bring you the best of the best from leading thinkers.

We have a great access to guests in the strength and conditioning realms which we plan to interview but we want our guest to range from all sports, adventurers and leading minds. These guests are hard to get to so we need help and we need resources.

What is our timeline? 

We plan to launch AdventureFit Radio by January 30, 2016. 

From this time until now we plan to build our social media followings through Facebook,Instagram and Twitter while running our Kickstarter project. By mid to late Jan we are planning on interviewing our first guests at which point once we have 4-5 under our belt we will release all 4-5 on a bi-daily basis to create some momentum off the ground.

What's our budget? 

Our budget to launch the project may seem ambitious but we want to be covered and run AdventureFit Radio as a separate entity from AdventureFit Travel which is still in start up mode itself. 

It goes without saying that we want our audio and video quality to be absolutely quality from the start for our listeners. As we both run full time businesses we will be oursourcing the production and administrative costs for the most part aside from the sourcing of guests which is what we will concentrate our time on.

We view our costs as;

- Audio/video recording equipment: $2000 AUD.

- Production costs: $250 AUD per week.

- Advertising budget: $50 AUD per week.

- Administration cost: $50 AUD per week.

Advertisements on podcasts are going to be our revenue stream to run and grow the podcast in the future but as we will have a small listenership initially we need your help to get this thing off the ground!

Why do you care?

We are very motivated to bring you guys the most exciting and interesting guests we have to offer while also bringing you tips and tricks from what we have learnt in fitness, travel and running our own business. We may even throw in some Friday nights at Doc's style campfire stories if you are lucky.

But in all seriousness guys. We have listened to many podcasts over the journey and some of which have opened our eyes to things we would never have imagined. It's a great long form style of content that really digs deep into all the good stuff and we are just passionate to bring all of that to you guys!

Plus, you also get all these awesome goodies for pledging.

Coffee mug.
Coffee mug.
Ladies tee available in blue on white, blue on grey and white on blue.
Ladies tee available in blue on white, blue on grey and white on blue.
Male tee available in blue on white, blue on grey and white on blue.
Male tee available in blue on white, blue on grey and white on blue.
Unisex raglan available in blue on white with blue arms.
Unisex raglan available in blue on white with blue arms.
Unisex tank available in white on black acidwash, blue on grey and white on blue.
Unisex tank available in white on black acidwash, blue on grey and white on blue.
Unisex crew available in blue on grey with blue arms.
Unisex crew available in blue on grey with blue arms.
Unisex hood available in white on grey and white on blue.
Unisex hood available in white on grey and white on blue.


Risks and challenges

Our risks and challenges all come down to two things; time and funding.

Time is a commodity that neither Doc or Mac are particularly rich in at the moment as they both run their own business and spend quite a lot of time building the both of them. This is why they will rely on a part of VA (Virtual Assistant from abroad) to facilitate the back end work in producing the audio, video etc.. This not a major issue but one nonetheless.

Not having enough funding is the other risk. Again going back to AdventureFit Radio being a stand alone venture and due to the fact that we are starting from scratch it's obviously going to run at a loss for a time until we have a listenership that will support the addition of advertisements (15s pre-roll ads are worth roughly $20 AUD per 1k listeners and, 60s mid-roll ads around $45 AUD).

We will have numerous costs ranging from marketing, production, back end administration and also at some point we would like to have a travel budget also. This will come later but we do aim to interview the best guests on offer and sometimes that will mean going to them, not to mention the difference in quality between face to face interviewing and ring-in interviewing.

We see these as challenges but we are super excited to get going on this project and really make it work providing some great free quality to our fans and listeners.

Thanks guys.

To pledge;

Kelly Slater Has Been Working On Something. And It's Big!

Kelly Slater has been working on something grand.

And here it is.

The Kelly Slater Wave Company.


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