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#75 - Paul Revelia On Bodybuilding Poses, Mental Techniques & Saying No To Steroids

Paul Revelia is the owner of Pro Physique INC. He started competing in 2008 and won first place in the 2008 NPC Mid Florida Muscle Classic novice division.

We start off with having Paul tell us about the story of how he started with bodybuilding. He tells us about the distinction between olympic athletes and gym goers. Paul also tells us what he thinks about steroids: why he doesn’t use them, and talks about an overall consensus over steroids in general.

We hear about what a bodybuilder’s day looks like. We also learn about Paul’s workout routine. We ask him if he has a posing coach, and he tells us about the poses they go through during competitions. We hear about how you can highlight your strength through proper posing as well. Paul goes on to talk about how he decided to start coaching, as well as into a bodybuilder’s nutrition.
For anyone that’s looking to build their body, take it from a professional. There’s some solid advice in this episode, as well as some very interesting conversation. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s tribute. [03:30]
  • Paul shares a story on how he started in bodybuilding. [5:35]
  • The distinction between olympic athletes and a gym goer. [07:40]
  • Paul reasons out why he don’t use steroids. [08:54]
  • An overall consensus of steroids in general. [11:55]
  • Do you consider taking steroids is an act of cheating? [13:24]
  • His first bodybuilding show. [16:20]
  • Best achievement so far. [16:40]
  • A bodybuilder day look like. [18:05]
  • Paul’s workout routine. [19:13]
  • Do you have a posing coach? [22:45]
  • Poses they go through in the bodybuilding competition. [24:35]
  • Showing strengths yet hiding weaknesses. [25:24]
  • Highlighting your strength by proper posing. [27:40]
  • When did you decide to start coaching other people? [28:35]
  • Dealing with people in general. [38:00]
  • Paul’s mental technique. [39:55]
  • Training programs. [44:00]
  • The nutrition for a bodybuilder. [45:05]
  • Paul explains about human digestive system. [49:09]
  • What is next for Paul? [51:40]
  • 6 from 6 [53:40]
  • Where is your favorite travel destination? [53:55]
  • What is your dream destination? [54:54]
  • What books would you recommend? [56:20]
  • What are the things that you do in your downtime? [57:19]
  • Who is your biggest role model? [58:30]
  • When you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be? [1:01:15]

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