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#108 - Jayde Mitchell On Pro Boxing, Training With Legends & The Exploding Appendix

Jayde Mitchell is an undefeated professional boxer, current IBO Asia Pacific Champion, and Victorian Champion.

Jayde starts with sharing his background with us, after which Doc asks him if being a boxer has given him a thick skin. We then go into a timeline of Jayde’s career, as well as a look into the financial side of boxing. After that Jayde shares the story of his exploding appendix.

They get back on track with talking about the sport and onto the next topic of what made Jayde decide to finally go professional. Doc asks about Jayde’s training and about how he keeps an eye on his wellness.

Another episode in the bag! It was great having Jayde on the show, and hearing about how passionate he is with his sport is just amazing. Enjoy the show, guys!

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Show Notes:

  • Tommy’s Tribute. [4:13]
  • Jayde tells us about himself. [5:40]
  • Doc asks Jayde if boxing has given him thick skin. [8:48]
  • A timeline of Jayde’s career. [11:30]
  • The financial difference between amateur and pro boxing. [16:31]
  • The period of Jayde’s life away from boxing. [18:31]
  • The story of Jayde’s appendix. [22:02]
  • A doctor’s advice. [25:59]
  • Back on track with Jayde’s timeline. [28:03]
  • Flicking the switch back on in Jayde’s boxing career. [32:47]
  • Doc asks Jayde what made him decide to go pro. [34:43]
  • Jayde’s first pro boxing win and more. [39:38]
  • Proving yourself when training in a big gym. [43:57]
  • Jayde gets invited to spar with the big boys. [49:13]
  • Jayde’s first loss after going pro. [53:38]
  • Making the decision to go fully into boxing. [55:07]
  • Doc asks Jayde about his training. [56:18]
  • Jayde on how he keeps an eye on his wellness. [59:12]
  • Mental toughness advice. [1:01:25]
  • Jayde talks about his current standing. [1:07:40]
  • Doc asks Jayde about boxing federations & rankings. [1:08:59]
  • 6 From 6. [1:12:13]
  • What is Jayde’s favorite travel destination? [1:12:25]
  • What is Jayde’s dream travel destination? [1:12:55]
  • What books does Jayde recommend? [1:13:37]
  • What does Jayde like to do when he has free time? [1:14:16]
  • Who does Jayde look up to? [1:14:39] 


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