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Imagine being able to make a donation to your favourite charity every time you shop online and at no extra cost to you. Well that’s exactly how Shopnate works.

Shopnate works with hundreds of big name Australian and international online retailers. They have all agreed to donate a commission on every online sale to the charity of your choice. This commission is already included in the price of what you’re buying. This means you can support your favourite charity, at no extra cost to you.

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HangStrong provides Gymnastics Movement coaching for CrossFit Athletes of all levels. Our workshops include specific drills designed to develop and enhance participant’s ability and confidence in a range of high value body weight movements. Hosting a HangStrong workshop at your facility will not only benefit your athletes but also your trainers.

The HangStrong Team has developed gymnastics specific workshops based on a wealth of experience and knowledge. The team includes dual Commonwealth Games Gold medal gymnast and Olympic Games travelling reserve Thomas Pichler, former Australian representative gymnast and Regionals competitor Natan Geva and Exercise Science graduate and coach James Whybird. All trainers are experienced coaches and have had the pleasure of running workshops for CrossFit Regionals Champions and CrossFit Games competitors Job Forte and Chad Mackay.

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DUX Photography

DUX Photography

Info coming. Check back soon.

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Blue dinosaur Paleo

Blue Dinosaur Paleo

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars. Big hits of Paleo energy packed into rugged, tough as nuts bars. You were born to eat 'em! Instagram: Bluedinosaurbars Buy them now @

Blue Dinosaur will provide the world with real, clean, honest snack food bars that you can trust to fill you with energy whilst being completely natural and healthy. Actually healthy.

The result of a crossfit collaboration, Blue Dinosaur’s Paleo Bars are our answer to that little Paleo problem… What do I do when I just want to open a packet and eat something healthy, nutritious and Paleo straight from the cupboard? I don’t want to cook a meal, I don’t want to spend half an hour preparing my snack, I don’t feel like avocado and smoked salmon at six in the morning, I just want something yummy, healthy, Paleo-friendly and easy!

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WOD Health

WOD Health

WOD Health was an initiative founded by Jon Park, APA Sport Physiotherapist and Crossfit enthusiast. Injury Prevention through mobility and movement.

It is based around the ideal that improving mobility and restoring correct functional movement is key to preventing injury and improving performance.

The workshops were developed to educate athletes and coaches on the importance of performing and teaching correct movement. They help the individual athlete and coach recognize problematic joint restriction and movement patterns that lead to injury and how to correct these problems themselves.

WOD Health has been associated with Crossfit affiliates throughout the South Eastern suburbs and Jon has already seen the benefits of his workshops with fewer athletes suffering from reoccurring injuries that were caused by incorrect movement.

Mobilize and Train Wise

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Uprising Adventure Guides

Joshua Tree rock climbing with Joshua Tree Adventure Guides is an experience of a lifetime.

Rise to the adventure and climb with Joshua Tree Uprising Adventure Guides anytime you are visiting the beautiful landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

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