Jackie Perez

Jackie Perez


Aliases: Jackie 585.
Hobbies: CrossFit. Hiking. Beach bumming.
Countries visited:  11 - USA, Italy, Japan, Austria, Iraq, Iceland, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia.
Favourite Countries: Japan.
Languages: English. Spanish.
Favorite Travel Experience: Lounging on the beaches of Positano, Italy.
Worst Travel Experience: None yet. Loved every minute of it.


☆ B.S. Kinesiology
☆ CrossFit L2 Trainer
☆ NASM Certified
☆ CrossFit Football
☆ CrossFit Coaches Prep Course

Meet Jackie Perez. Jackie is a CrossFit athlete out of Dublin, California. Jackie has been a passionate CrossFit coach at CSA Gym in Dublin for over 6 years now. Before coaching CrossFit she was a master trainer out of a 24hr fitness gym for the previous 5 years. Studying as a student at Cal State Hayward, she received a a Bachelor In Science of Kinesiology, Physical Education option. This is where her passion for a health and fitness lifestyle began.

Although not being an extensive traveller, Jackie travelled through Italy with a stopover in NYC a few years ago and loved every minute of it. She has informed us of how excited she is to see the world and make some amazing memories with her AdventureFit Travel family.

Jackie has always been very passionate about health, fitness and CrossFit and has always had a healthy curiosity with travelling the world. She is very excited to be part of a group that allows her to share her passion for fitness as she explores the world to learn from different cultures. She believes AdventureFit Travel is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to hang with like minded people who want to make a lifelong bond through fitness and travel.

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Insta: @jackie585

Twitter: jackiep585