So, what is AdventureFit I hear you ask?

Well, I will take you back to where it all began...

Since I was a young lad I had always dreamed of travelling the world. Most of all the pyramids of Giza. In primary school every chance I had to do a project about something of my choosing I chose Egypt. Everything about them astounded me. The Pharaohs in their sarcophaguses, their boy kings, the alien conspiracies. As a boy this wonder was enough to make me daydream for hours on end. When the movie Stargate came out you can imagine how excited I was! 

This brings me to my adult life. After purchasing real estate at a young age I had unwillingly locked myself in to the grind without even knowing what I had gotten myself into. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic decision financially but it kind of backed me into a corner in the way of being able to travel and explore the world like I had always wanted. After a few years and a couple more properties more my whole mindset had changed. Now I was more concerned about money and ‘being successful’ than I was about doing things I was passionate about. 

Luckily a stroke of bad luck intervened and changed all that.

A bunch of years ago now I was unwell for 12 months and unable to do the things that I loved. No exercise, nothing fun socially and basically just the year from hell. After coming out the other end of this unscathed I decided that I had been doing things the wrong way around. Why am I living to work when I should be working to live.

This brings me to Howard Hillman. This man changed my life. 

Once I had been through my year from hell I had decided to travel. I wanted to stop stressing about money, real estate, what car I want to drive and just take off. So the first thing I did was googled ‘100 things to do before you die’. The first thing that came up was a website called ‘Hillman Wonders Of The World’ ( This was a site compiled by the great Howard Hillman who had basically scoured every corner of the globe to find earth’s most wonderful places. There was even a list you could print of in checklist form to tick as you saw each of these sights. So that was what I did.

5 years and 31 countries later I have seen a lot. I have swam with sharks, ridden elephants, ran with bulls and patted lions. Bungee jumped in South Africa, hiked glaciers in Bolivia, climbed erupting volcanoes in Vanuatu. I have visited jungles, ruins, deserts, salt flats, sambadromes, waterfalls, caves, sinkholes. You name it. I have even unwillingly played chicken with a horse in Nicaragua (long story). 

This brings me to AdventureFit.

AdventureFit gives me the opportunity to give these amazing opportunities to others. My two passions in life are fitness and travel. Through AdventureFit I hope to be able to combine the two into one unforgettable experience that my clients will not soon forget. Life is about stories, people. The longer, weirder, sadder and happier yours is the better.

So get writing!