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#170 - James Harding On A Criminal Mind, Getting Out & Hard Cuddles

James Harding is a recovering drug addict. He has been sober for over 10 years ever since turning over a new leaf from his life in the underworld. Through his Hard Cuddles program, he helps men on an emotional level to help them understand and develop their feelings to best serve themselves.

We start by learning James’ background and the start of his life. He then talks about the turning point in all of it and then onto what he did to reshape himself after getting out of his crime career. Doc chimes in by sharing about his highs and lows, and then the two talk about James’ Hard Cuddles program, its purpose and why it caters to men.

James was an amazing guest to have and learning about his life and struggle to get clean, reinvent himself and get better is just a great story to share. Enjoy the show, guys!

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Show Notes:

  • James tells us about his background. [4:48]
  • A turning point in James' life. [10:43]
  • Getting drunk on power. [16:27]
  • The tipping point for young kids to go down a darker path in life. [22:36]
  • James on reshaping his life after getting out of his criminial career. [25:20]
  • Doc shares about the ups, downs & periods of his life. [33:34]
  • James on Hard Cuddles. [44:35]
  • Why James' program caters to men. [49:56]
  • What impact does James want to leave for the future? [55:14]
  • 4 From 4. [56:55]
  • What is James' favorite travel destination? [57:11]
  • What is james' dream travel destination? [58:42]
  • What books does James' recommend? [1:01:18]
  • Who are 3 people James' would invite to people and why? [1:01:56]

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