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#172 - Gordon Young On Applied Ethics, The Automation Crisis & Us vs. Rising Tech

Gordon Young is the principal of Ethilogical Consulting. He offers extensive understanding of decision-making methodologies, value articulation, challenge management and strategic planning necessary for success in today’s hyper-connected world.

A little bit about Gordon’s background to start and then into applying ethics to business, and in the field of A.I. Next we tackle the automation crisis, UBI (universal basic income), and do a deep dive into possible utopian and dystopian futures. Much later we talk about why we need ethics, and have an in-depth talk about the current internet giants, new tech and how they all affects us.

Gordon was a very interesting guest to have on the show, and he certainly sheds some light on some key points that matter greatly in today’s world as we know it. Tune in to get into all that we covered. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Gordon on his background. [3:33]
  • What made Gordon want to study & pursue ethics? [5:14]
  • Applying ethics to a business. [6:43]
  • A bit on the ethics of A.I. [10:59]
  • Gordon on the automation crisis. [0:12:58]
  • Doc's take on UBI (universal basic income) & the amount of hours we spend working. [17:03]
  • Gordon's take on UBI & work hours. [18:48]
  • Possible utopian & dystopian futures. [24:58]
  • The reason we have ethics and why we need to study it. [38:00]
  • The ethics of a collective/augmented human intelligence. [42:34]
  • Internet giants, new tech & us. [46:28]
  • Does Gordon think his industry will grow? [1:07:25]
  • 6 From 6. [1:08:43]
  • What is Gordon's favorite travel destination? [1:09:06]
  • If Gordon were on a deserted island, what 3 things would he bring? [1:09:27]
  • What is Gordon's dream travel destination? [1:10:08]
  • What books does Gordon recommend? [1:10:36]

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