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#174 - Claire Ashman On Life In A Cult, Facing Reality & Breaking Through

Claire Ashman is a 4-time TEDx speaker. She spent the first 36 years of her life in two different strict religious movements. After challenging the leaders’ authority through a series of letters, Claire and her family were evicted from the latter group. Hers is a story of strength, resilience and courage.

Claire gives us her background and talks about the start of when she got involved in the cult. She goes on to talk about why people join these things, and tells us about day-to-day living in it. Finally, she talks about seeing the reality of her situation and her process of breaking free from it all.

Claire was an amazing guest with an equally amazing story to tell. Tune in hear about all that we covered in the episode. Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

  • Claire on her background. [4:24]
  • Making the decision to change herself. [5:08]
  • The start of cult involvement. [9:42]
  • Reasons that people join cults. [15:57]
  • The importance of people connecting. [21:54]
  • Day-to-day life in a cult compound. [28:57]
  • Believing a cult's ridiculous teachings. [35:26]
  • Cult life vs. real world life. [43:39]
  • Seeing the reality & getting out. [50:58]
  • Claire's current thoughts on religion. [1:00:45]
  • Rekindling that childlike fascination. [1:07:42]
  • Wrap up Q&A. [1:12:55]
  • What is Claire's dream travel destination? [1:13:18]
  • What are some books that Claire recommends? [1:14:27]
  • If Claire could invite 3 people to dinner, who would they be? [1:15:34]

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